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Spring Cleaning for your Business!


Spring is finally here!! That means fancy new Starb’s cups, peonies and the smell of fresh rain. Well, that is what Spring means to me anyways.. It also means it is time to dust off the cobwebs from my virtual home and spruce things up a bit! I want to encourage you to take a morning and dedicate it to a little Spring cleaning for your business! You with me?

1. Set up G Suite organization folders for business.

I use G Suite to organize my business, everything is online, streamlined and easy to access! Check, check and check! I followed Megan Minn’s tutorial and also loved Ashlyn Carter’s spin on it. Here is what my folder hierarchy looks like!

2. Empty your downloads folder.

Next up we are emptying that downloads folder, yup I’m talking to ZERO! Move items to their correct place, delete and archive! A place for everything and everything in its place!

3. Clear off your desktop.

Most of us are creatives here, and our brains are a bit messy but that doesn’t mean our desktops need to be! It’s not good for your computer and it’s not good for your organization. Let’s keep your desktop clear of clutter and stress-free. You know the drill, start organizing, moving, deleting and archiving those files! Not only does it freshen your workspace but it helps keep your computer working fast! If there are too many files on your desktop, your computer is working in overdrive keeping them readily accessible when you may not need them! Plus I love having a clear view of my wallpaper 😉 This is a photo from the anniversary session my husband I did with Katelyn James!

4. Declutter iPhone screens.

I’m sure you are sensing a pattern by now but I recently realized that if everything was tidy, I was a lot more likely to be focused and intentional with my time. Next, we are tackling that iPhone mess of apps you likely have! Personally, I keep the 1st screen completely clear, it feels fresh that way! On the dock I have my phone, internet, and text and the 4th is reserved for all my most-used apps, I try to keep it under 9! Then get to organizing and removing those apps you downloaded once and never used again! You can do it!

5. Update your portfolio.

When was the last time you updated your portfolio? Last summer? Yeah, me too! Take 20 minutes to freshen up your portfolio, out with the old and in with the new! Your portfolio should reflect your current body of work if you are continually growing and improving in your craft.. Showcase that experience to potential clients and update now!

6. Re-evaluate and set new goals for quarter 2!

Now it’s time to reevaluate your quarter one goals and see how you did? Personally, I struggled a lot in quarter one to stay focused and on top of my goals, so I’m trying to switch things up for quarter two and approaching things differently. What worked, what didn’t? Adjust your goals and make a new action plan for how you’ll achieve your goals. Make sure you keep your goals front of mind by hanging them up somewhere in your office!

I included a handy dandy checklist for those of you who are a little nerdy like me and want to be able to check things off a list with an actual pen (Le Pen over here for me!) as you go! Are you planning on doing any Spring cleaning in your business? If so, I want to hear about it in the comments!

Download your checklist!

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