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At Palm & Co. we aim to provide flexible and custom tailored designs to female small biz owners and the education to run a thriving business they love. We want to see your business grow and flourish.

About Brianna

Hi there! I'm Brianna Venzke, but my friends call me Bri (you can too!), I'm a brand strategist, designer and creative entrepreneur with a heart on fire for other creatives. Most often I'm working from our home office, in my favorite high waisted Lulu leggings, with way too many tabs open on my browser and a dozen books on the shelf next to me just waiting to be read. I absolutely love to spend hours cozied up with a good book, business or fiction (Harry Potter please!) And if I hadn't already convinced you, I'm a multitasker. I must have my latest Netflix binge playing on my iPad while I work. Speaking of, I have a slight tech obsession with Apple.. yes I watch every keynote. The best thing about me? My family, I am over the moon for my sweet husband, Nick and our three kids, Addison, Elijah and Hunter. They truly are the best part of me.